Hair Spa Treatments

Acupoint Activation Scalp Massage

Invigo Acupoint Massage. A necessary escape from the stress of life. A much needed pause for therapy and relaxation with healing benefits. Gives circulation. Promotes healthy hair growth. Relieves insomnia, symptoms of anxiety and depression. Based on effective acupoints on the head and neck. Developed with an acupoint specialist, these points have traditionally been used in Eastern Medicine to relax, recharge and revitalize.

15 min | $30

Massage Package | 6 Sessions: $145

Custom Blended Treatment Masque

45 mins | $60

Treatment Plan Package | 6 Sessions: $285

A customized blend designed to reverse damaged, dehydrated, severely brittle, over-processed and heat damaged hair. Repairs breakage and hair growth issues. Incredible for natural hair and curly hair. Excellent for healthy hair goals and long hair goals.

Fusion Plex | Wella Plex Treatment

45 mins | $45
Treatment Plan Package | 6 Sessions: $225

Ideal for extremely dry, fragile, weak and stressed out hair. Gives immediate moisture with flawless detangling. Excellent also for chemically treated hair. Awesome on the day of a chemical service. Great for natural hair or curly hair.

Oil Reflections Treatment Masque

30 mins | $30
Treatment Plan Package | 6 Sessions: $145

A weightless blend for dry hair in need of moisture and shine. Excellent for slightly damaged hair. Perfect for all hair types.

Wella Elements Renewal Treatment

30 mins | $45
Treatment Plan Package | 6 Sessions: $225

Illumina Glossing

30 mins | $45

Package of 6 Glossings: $225

Sulfate-free. Paraben-free. Gives keratin restoration. Luxurious and long-lasting. Promotes healthy hair. Perfect for all hair types.

Invigo Balance Anti-Loss Hair Treatment

30 min | $45

Treatment Plan | 6 Sessions: $225

Nioxin Scalp Renew Treatment

30 mins | $45

Treatment Plan | 6 Sessions: $225

Collagen Hair Masque

20 mins | $30

Treatment Plan | 6 Sessions: $145


Women's Haircut & Style

from $70

Children's Haircut & Style

from $38


Ultra Shine Blowout

Incredible shine with a lasting sleek finish. No heat damage. Humidity resistant. Frizz-free. For all hair types.

from $49.50

Just Waves Ultra Shine Blowout

Our Ultra Shine Blowout with luxurious, soft and beautiful waves. Humidity resistant. Frizz-free. For all hair types.

from $55

Special Event Hair | Prom | Weddings

Pricing determined during consultation.


Keratin-Infused Express Blowout

Infused with vitamins, keratin and amino acids for a remedy to hair that’s damaged, lifeless, dull, stressed-out or weak. Creates smooth, strengthened and frizz-free hair for a flawless, just-left-the-salon finish. Protects against dullness and dryness caused by frequent heat styling and flat ironing.

from $62

BB Crème Treatment Blowout

The perfect hybrid treatment that replenishes everything your hair craves and needs. An ultimate shine enhancer that smooths, protects and perfects dehydrated, extremely dry hair in an instant. Packed with argan oil and silk amino acids, BB Crème reduces unwanted volume and frizz, locks in moisture, and creates the touchable soft, silky texture you crave.

from $68


Pricing determined by technique, product usage, time utilized to achieve desired results, the present state and condition of hair, texture, length and density.

One Step Color Virgin

from $80


One Step Color Retouch

from $62

Package of 6 Retouches: $275


Partial Multi-Dimensional Foiling

from $138


Full Multi-Dimensional Foiling

from $275


All Over Color with Partial Multi-Dimensional Foiling

from $240


FreeHand Painting or Balayage

from $325

All Over Color with FreeHand Painting or Balayage

from $400


Ombre Virgin

from $275


Ombre Retouch & Enhancement

from $138


Ombre with FreeHand Painting or Balayage

from $325


Demi-Permanent Color Touch by Wella

from $62

Color Fresh Create

from $60


Color Fresh

from $45

Illumina Glossing

from $45

Sebastian Cellophanes

from $55



Sew-In | Braidless | MicroLink

from $125 per hour

Bundles & Wefts available upon request.


from $250


Braiding | Faux Locks

pricing determined during consultation


Texture Enhancements

Body Curls & Waves

The perfect voluminous curl boost with curl options from super curly to loose waves for fine or naturally straight hair.

from $150


Naturally Curly Hair Signature Treatment

Beautifully enhances curl definition giving ultra hydration, moisture and repair to naturally curly hair. Creates amazing versatility with the ability to wear curls smooth and sleek or curly. A wonderful treatment for anyone wanting to wear their curls on a full-time basis. Retouches are done only as needed.

Virgin from $250 | Retouch from $125


Sleek Relaxer

For anyone wanting 24/7 straight, sleek hair. Our Sleek Relaxer service delivers a standard treatment blend that replenishes with amino acids, keratin and repair to encourage healthy relaxed hair in between visits.

Virgin from $115 | Retouch from $60

Hair B… Smoothing Treatment

An innovative straightening system designed to renew and deliver smooth, healthy, frizz-free hair transforming your hair from root to end. Hair B… Professional Treatment does just that, restoring every strand and targeting damage from the inside out to bring dull, over-processed hair back to life. The advanced technology replenishes depleted hair proteins to restore softness and shine, while a blend of amino acids work to straighten and nourish even the most coarse or resistant hair. Hair stays smooth, silky and healthy looking for up to 12 weeks.

from $250

Amazon X-Treme Keratin Blowout Treatment

Powered by exotic Amazonian ingredients—like nourishing Brazil nut oil and mango butter to straighten and reconstruct hair, leaving it smooth, shiny and healthy looking for up to 12 weeks. Best of all, there’s no downtime or heavy residue. Just beautifully frizz-free hair. Excellent for fine - medium textures

from $200



Application from $75

Lesson from $125

Group Sessions available upon request | Catering available upon request


Facial Waxing

from $20



Manicures from $30 | Pedicures from $55

Full Acrylics from $70 | Balances from $35

Shellac Manicure from $45

Designs per nail from $15

Polish Change from $15