How to Survive the Winter Hair Blues!


Winter Hair Rescue 101…

So you've survived the holidays and started every resolution on your goal list, but your hair isn't on board with any of that and you're stumped with what to do!

Trust us, you're not alone. This winter has been a brutal blow, and workouts seem less frequent because it's too cold outside to head to the gym or studio!

Problem: You're doing everything right, but why is your hair so dry?

Reason #1: It's dry outside because of super cold temps and it's even drier indoors when we've got the heat cranked up. This leads to extremely dry skin and super dry hair.

Some of us aren't used to that abrupt change because generally our hair is usually always amazing, right?

Solution: Hydration morning, noon and night. Think about it! Our bodies need water throughout the day and can't survive just on liquids that aren't water, right?

The same for our hair!

Deep treatments once a week are vital. A light leave-in creme based conditioner or light hair oil on the driest areas of the hair midday and overnight hydrates super dry hair and seals split ends! Perfect for long hair goals.

Problem: You're not cleansing and hydrating your hair after workouts.

Reason #2: Perspiration is detoxifying. Great for getting rid of toxins in our body during a workout, but it's also full of salt and wreaks havoc on our hair!

Rule of thumb for every texture: if your hair is dirty or full of salt, wash it!

Dirt happens many different ways from product build-up, environmental elements and workouts. During the process, your hair dries out a bit too, getting super thirsty for re-hydration.

Solution: Replenish your hair. The action of cleansing and hydrating is food for the hair, and so necessary! 

If you workout consistently or you perspire regularly because of menopause, etc., set up a routine weekly for your hair.

Important Tip: If it's super dirty or full of perspiration, shampoo first with a clarifying shampoo, followed by a hydrating shampoo to replenish. Before applying your hydrating treatment, blot your hair well with a towel first before applying so that you get full hydration benefits. At minimum, let it penetrate your hair the whole time you're in the shower.

Hang in there!  Spring is almost here...

Nicole Revish