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My passion for education started the day I enrolled into Cosmetology school. For the past 23 years of my career, I’ve been a student ever since!

I crave knowledge. Every day. Every moment. Every chance. My educational career has even carried over into my entire life.

I’ve worn every hat. I’ve been a student, a newbie in the industry, stylist behind the chair, brand educator and salon owner. I’ve won. I’ve lost. I’ve cried. I’ve rejoiced. I’ve gained. I’ve overcome. I know the struggle, the challenge, the fears, the joys, the laughter and the tears.

During the early stages of my career, I was asked by my employer at the time to assist in developing his first ever design team. I had the blessed opportunity to work beside and be an understudy to some incredibly talented artists.

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I was a stylist and salon owner for 9 years when I was asked to audition for Wella Professionals to become a brand educator. Currently, I’ve advanced with Wella to their Design Team. I travel to salons nationwide teaching, elevating and inspiring. My passion is taking stylists and salon owner’s skill set to the next level. I’m truly blessed to be a part of an outstanding company and network!

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My goal is to continuously go the extra mile giving the best in-class education and tools for success in every area of life. The courses I’ve created come from an organic real and experienced place. I welcome and invite you to win. Grow. Learn. Discover. Stretch. Expand. Develop. Transform. Evolve. Succeed!