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Mastering the Business of Hair Color

October 29th, 2018 - SOLD OUT

Columbus, Ohio

Theory: 10am - 1pm

Hands-On: 2 - 5pm

Now more than ever, hair color is taking over! Clients want it, crave it and expect YOU to deliver exceptional results, transforming them to their best look. For many stylists new to color, it’s a guessing game and for seasoned colorists, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the latest trends while still staying true to your own style and methods.

  • Learn on-trend techniques to increase and retain clientele.

  • Explore time-saving techniques for flawless transformations.

  • Discover how to successfully color every skin tone.

  • Learn how to successfully color all hair types and textures.

  • Explore valuable business builders and learn how to correctly price services to maximize your earning potential.

  • Live Demo: Theory and Hands-On.

  • Live models provided for Hands-On.

  • Lunch provided for Hands-On.

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Mastering Hair Color, Hair Cutting and Styling for all Textures of Hair

November 26th, 2018 - SOLD OUT

Columbus, Ohio

10am - 1pm

Hair is universal. It’s fabric. A precious thread. A movement. A treasure. We all have one thing in common: strands!

This course goes deep into every texture of hair through extensive texture theory and how to successfully deliver flawless results for all clients. Gain confidence, valuable skills and be armed with techniques and business builders to keep your chair filled with every strand of hair!

  • Learn and master texture theory.

  • Discover how to create stunning hair color for all textures.

  • Explore the power of shape for all textures with valuable hair cutting methods.

  • Find your branding power through specializing in textures of hair.

  • Discover the business of texture by being armed with how to effectively price services and learn valuable time management techniques for each service.

  • Explore time-saving techniques that will make guests happy, feel cared for, creating loyal clients.

  • Look & Learn Demonstrations provided.

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Brand Me! Professional & Personal Brand Development

February 4th, 2019 - SOLD OUT

Dayton, Ohio

2pm - 5pm

Branding yourself is vital in any industry, especially the beauty industry! Many of us are learning as we go, following the next social media thought or trend. Most of us are completely lost in the shuffle, fumbling, stumbling, pulling ideas from everywhere trying desperately to create a voice for ourselves and develop a signature trademark. This course guides you step by step in finding your true passion, mapping a successful game plan, charting your course, teaching you the do’s and don’ts of brand building, social media navigation and the art of specialization.

  • Learn how to find your voice.

  • Explore the avenues of your craft that lead to the business of specializing.

  • Start your professional journey of brand development.

  • Discover how to successfully master advertising and branding.

  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of social media marketing and etiquette.

  • Master the art of re-inventing yourself, your craft, reputation and branding.

  • Explore the art of public speaking, customer service and time management.

  • Develop an action plan designed to generate more revenue and client retention.


How Much Do You Charge?”

Pricing & Business Building Seminar

January 20th, 2019

Columbus, Ohio

3pm - 6pm

This question is asked and pondered in virtually every class I’ve ever taught and it’s the number one question all stylists receive on a daily basis!

But what if I told you it’s a question most of us have answered wrong our entire career?

Do you price according to what other salons and stylists are charging, or do you charge what you’re worth?

Do you have an accurate estimate of how much you’re really worth behind the chair and what your services should really be priced?

How can you charge without a road map to follow….?

My goal with this class is to keep our service and beauty industries at the top of their game in this ever changing era of doing business!

In this top-selling class, you’ll learn valuable life-changing ways to run your business behind the chair and salon successfully, prosperously and accurately based on the biggest key elements: your numbers!

  • Learn what you’re really worth behind the chair.

  • Accurately charge what you’re worth and with confidence.

  • Start the road to success with retail sales and luxury services.

  • Get an accurate read on inventory and how that factors into the overall pricing and conduction of business.

  • Master The Power of an Effective Consultation when relaying information about your services and business to new and existing clients.

  • Get total control of your business and how you do business.

  • Reclaim your life with better time management, scheduling and working days behind the chair.

  • Grow. Succeed. Prosper. Live your best business life!

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Hair Color 101: Relaxed Hair

Columbus, Ohio

April 22nd, 2019

9am - 11am

2 CEU Credits

Did you know that offering color service options for relaxed hair clients increases revenue by up to 265%?

Even in the era of natural hair and curly hair movements, relaxed hair is still very much in demand!

Chemical Relaxing services from the Japanese Straightening method to Keratin Blowout services and traditional sodium hydroxide-based relaxing techniques makes this service still one of the most sought after and top requested services in salons globally.

Mastering hair color for relaxed hair offers versatility for this ever-growing clientele! This class introduces safe coloring options and techniques to ensure flawless results every time.

  • Learn and master chemical relaxer theory.

  • Explore the technology behind all color options and how that impacts formulation and technique.

  • Gain unlimited creative possibilities through understanding the features and benefits of each hair color option and technique.

  • Learn ideal formulations for flawless color results.

  • Create versatility for your salon service menu with new on-trend color services to create the perfect fashion accessory for clients.

  • Explore, understand and implement correct pricing for relaxer services and color for relaxed hair.

  • Gain technical confidence and business insight for each scenario behind the chair.

  • Learn valuable ways to attract and grow your clientele.

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Hair Color 101: Natural Hair

Columbus, Ohio

April 29th, 2019

9am - 11am

2 CEU Credits

Did you know that offering color service options for natural hair and curly clients increases revenue by up to 300%?

Curls, texture and waves are the perfect backdrop for flawless, stunning color.

Natural hair and curly hair clients are wearing their stunning versatile strands with much love, adoration and the best of care.

Color options are endless for this movement, but technique and knowledge when performing color is crucial!

  • Learn and master texture theory.

  • Discover how to create safe and healthy hair color for natural hair and curly hair.

  • Find your branding power through specializing in color for natural hair and curly hair.

  • Explore ideal formulations and techniques for flawless hair color results.

  • Create versatility for your salon service menu with new color services to create the perfect fashion accessory for natural hair and naturally curly hair clientele.

  • Discover how to effectively price services for natural hair and naturally curly hair.

  • Gain time-saving and valuable time management techniques.

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